Libby/Dash Puppies Stacked @ 8 Weeks

It's hard to believe, but the Libby/Dash puppies are over 4 years of age. They are all happy & healthy and enjoying life as pets in their homes. Many of them are having great fun learning agility. Baxter (photo by Appletree) (A/C Ch Bondir's Braveheart), Minnie (Ch Bondir's Eminent Encore CD, AGN, AGNJ, NAJ, TT) & Sara (Ch Bondir's Flying duchess NA, A/C CD. CGC) are Canadian champions. You can see more of all of them on their puppy page.

Pictured below, are the 3 boys Baxter, Flash & Riley stacked at 8 weeks of age. Please click on a picture to see a larger view.  To see them in other stages visit the puppy page.
Baxter (was Elmer) stacked Flash (was Sylvester) stacked Riley (was Daffy) stacked
Pictured below are the 4 girls Minnie, Sara, Brandy & Betsy. You can also see more of them on the puppy page & on Minnie's page.
Minnie (was Tweety Pie) stacked Sara (was Kitty) stacked Brandy (was Honey) stacked Betsy (was Flossy) stacked

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