Victoria's Pictures

The following are some of our favourite pictures of Rosalie.  We hope to continue to update this page as she grows.

Please click on a picture for it to open in a larger version in a new window.

Victoriatoy4wks.jpg (29885 bytes)

VictoriaFurniture.jpg (52311 bytes)

VictoriaTrailer.jpg (66179 bytes)

Victoria @ 4 weeks

Victoria poses with Liesl in background

Victoria in Trailer

VictoriawithMom.jpg (118979 bytes)

GirlsCKOC.jpg (72512 bytes)

Westwinds.jpg (82131 bytes)

Gigi & Victoria Kentucky 2007

Sisters left to right:
Gidget, Victoria, Rosalie, Liesl
Photo Cathy French

Victoria BOW; Tommy Winner's Dog
Westwind Sporting Dog Specialty 2008

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