Canvas/Gigi Puppies' Pedigree

AM CH Hillcrest Namtn Kocrk Canvas AX, AXJ, TD
AM CH Hillcrest Just Hale 'N Hardy VCD1, OA, SH, WDX Am Ch. Hillcrest Namtn Ko Cr Colours UD, TDX, AX, AXJ, MH, RA Hillcrest Just Because CD, JH
Calvdale Capriati
Hillcrest Woodale Uh Huh Hillcrest Happy New Year
Hillcrest Why Sure WD
Langdon's Hillcrest Daisy Hillcrest Just Because CD, JH AM CH Gentry's Remington Steele
Hillcrest Why Not CD
Calvdale Capriati SH CH Skilleigh Tan Sandy
Calvdale Chiming
CH Bondir's Gamine Georgine.
Gigi.JPG (12540 bytes)
CH Bondir's Braveheart
Baxter.JPG (15045 bytes)
AM CH Donahan's Morse Code CD
Dash.JPG (29897 bytes)
AM CH Eldamar Telltale Shadow
AM CH Donahan's Best Seller
CH Bondir's et Tessera Deliberer A/C CD, AGN, NA, NAJ, NAC, NJC, SHD, TT
Libby.JPG (14088 bytes)
AM/CAN CH Devonshire's Music Man CDX
Harold.JPG (37720 bytes)
CH Tessera's Fun and Fancy Free CDX, SHDCH, TT
Fancy.JPG (26978 bytes)
CH Cascadian Caliner de Bondir A/C CD, AGI, NA, NAJ, NAP, NAC, NJC, ADC, TT.
Cally.JPG (14617 bytes)
AM CH Donahan's Documentary CDX
Doc.JPG (29231 bytes)
CH Telltale Night Show
AM CH Donahan's Best Seller
AM CH Cascadian's Crystal Conexion CD, JH
Crystal.JPG (40678 bytes)
AM CH Salilyn's Candidate
AM CH Phylwayne's Lucky Be Mine

Source Code for this Pedigree courtesy of CompuPets.

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